Ladies Shopping Mall to be established in Chitral city

Chitral .. A Ladies exclusive shopping market is to be established in Chitral city. Wg Cdr (r) Fardad Ali Shah owner of the premises on bye pass road near Ataliq chowk, talking to this correspondent said since a long time he felt the need for such an exclusive market where both the shopkeepers and the shoppers would be female only.

He thanked president chamber of commerce and industry Sartaj Ahmad Khan for seconding his proposition and extending moral support about the project. He said he did not seek any financial support from the government or any NGO and instead would want female entrepreneurs to be encouraged and helped by the govt and NGOs, so that they are able to initiate a business of their own and stand on their own feet. He said the market would be self sufficient with all basic facilities like wash rooms, prayer room, canteen, dispensary etc.
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He said because of having no healthy outlet to vent their energies and capabilities in consonance with present day ground realities, female population is getting frustrated and alarming increase in cases of mental illnesses and suicides are a proof of this. Wg Cdr (r) Fardad Ali Shah said despite having better proposition for earning more money from the premise, he opted to set up such a market as a humble contribution from his side towards solving the social problems of Chitral. .. CN report, 16 Sep 2017

10 thoughts on “Ladies Shopping Mall to be established in Chitral city

  1. Thank you Fardad sb, we appreciate your initiative and it will also help Chitral to build the economy and empower the female segment of the society. As you know having highest literacy rate in Chitral availability of government jobs are very difficult. However, this entrepreneurship will help to create more jobs for the specific segment of the society.

  2. Wonderful idea and dire need of the time. In fact our 50% population is stuck up in their homes having no appropriate avenues for establishing their own small business or even respectfully going for shopping in the market. The existing conditions and working environment of Chitral Bazar is absolutely unsuitable to be visited for our female population for obvious reasons. Setting up an exclusive venue would help a lot. Wing Commander Fardad sahib is highly appreciated for this initiative.

  3. Both social and economic empowerment of women go side by side, otherwise social disequilibrium happens such as female suicides in recent days. Female education provides social gains but economic opportunities also needs to meet this need. Current initiative is a very positive development toward this end. Also, i would say that Fardad sb would be a very successful social development consultant.

  4. We appreciate this initiative, which is the dire need of the time. Each and every person should support the idea, which I am sure will definitely bring positive change not only in the lives of women but their families and to the whole Chitral. We pray for the success and rapid materialisatiom of the idea, great work Wing Commander Fardad Sahib.

  5. We welcome and appreciate this initiative. I request to everyone please support, the current initiative is a very positive development.

  6. Well, it is one of the socio-economic project of Wg Cdr. (r) Fardad Ali Shah which reflects his positive thinking and respect and sympathy for the women as well. It is an exclusive project in Pakistan even in the worldwide markets. All the NGOs and social workers are therefore requested to come forward and join hands in the noble cause of completion and conducting the Ladies Shopping Mall in the city. We all pray for the successful operation of the project.

  7. fantastic idea and we really appreciate such an initiative.. It will not only help our educated female to stand on their feet but it will also safeguard our decent conservative relegious approach of the market facility.

  8. Welcome idea, this will enhance human dignity, provide social platform for women, women will access their specific needs while observing purdah, nothing against cultural norms so long as men also respect the exclusivity and aimless loiters keep away from the designated area.

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