ANF person demands bribe from passenger at Islamabad Airport

Published on: 17/11/2017 | Comments: 2 comments 

A person travelling to Dubai from Islamabad international Airport at around 0630 AM on Friday 17 Nov 2017, reported to CN that while getting his luggage go through the check in stages, the Anti Narcotics Force staff asked him to step aside for random checking. When he was about to open the suitcase the personnel tacitly asked for bribe to omit/expedite the check.? The passenger said when he reported the matter to another (apparently senior) person present there, he brushed away the complaint by saying “koi baat nahin aisa hota rehta hai”.

2 thoughts on “ANF person demands bribe from passenger at Islamabad Airport

  1. Asking for bribe with impunity at such a sensitive place shows Pakistan?s governance has gone for a six and the country is fast moving towards becoming a complete banana state. Drastic overhauling is required.

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